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FLMCC started a fundraising effort to try to provide good space heaters to the Lakota People in South Dakota.

These heaters would provide an extra source of warmth and could help better manage the use of propane for heating and also to keep the families warm between deliveries should they run out of propane.

Thanks to our kind donors, we have now got enough to buy a few heaters. But we have to wait to buy them because we need to ensure the shipping funds Рand the heaters are heavy and hard to combine in boxes for some. The math is simple: Insufficient shipping funds  = no shipments possible = no heaters.

We need to get in at LEAST $500 to be sure to be able to ship heaters where needed before the cold sets in.

Please help.  Thank you so much for getting the word out and for helping if you can.Heater drive 2space heaters


FLMCC SPACE HEATERS DRIVE: We are calling on all our supporters to assist us, by sharing far and wide and contributing if you can (no amount is ever too small), to help us get a number of SPACE HEATERS out to families on the Rez.

The time window for this drive is very limited, so any assistance you can give to this very important effort will be greatly appreciated.

You can help in one of the ways indicated in the picture or by clicking on the “donate” button on this page.

Thank you all so much!

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