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A Sewing Machine to Help Provide Clothing for Children

From Yvonne Wells: “Big Thanks to Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization for sending this out to me..I will be using it to make new clothing and blankets, and sending the warmth where it is needed the most..Thank You Freddie & Little Massey, for all of the wonderful things you do..for the good of the People.” 

Yvonne I. Wells and Daniel R. Wells do so much with the children, it’s so great. I know that this little token will go a long way also teaching the young ladies to sew as well. ~David Anthony


A sewing machine to better help the People

We at FLMCC know that there are many individuals who give selflessly of their time and personal funds to bring assistance to people in need.
Cheryl Snyder in New York State is one of these generous people, and FLMCC was pleased to provide her with this new multi-function sewing machine so that she can more comfortably make the clothes and scarves she sends out every winter to help the families on the Native American reservations keep warm. Not only that, Cheryl is also very active in the community in which she lives, to help families and veterans in need.

sewing machine

Cheryl sent us a picture of the machine when it arrived, and wrote: “Thanks to David, Michelle and this wonderful organization for supplying me with a sewing machine. Sewing by hand I can only make a few hats and scarves for Rosebud but with this sewing machine I will be able to make a lot! I urge all those with sewing machines to get fleece and make up some scarves and hats and get them out to Rosebud for distribution to those who so badly need them.. and please, support FLMCC generously. They do awesome work helping those who need it most!”


It’s a beautiful machine! Thank you, Cheryl, for your tireless efforts to assist the People. They are so very much appreciated! 🙂 🙂

Thank you from Firebird Graywolf :)

Firebird Graywolf

“I received this beautiful Brother Sewing Machine from Freddy and Little Massi a non profit 501 c3 Organization donated food , clothing,and more to Indigenous people in need around the world, once again I am overwelmed with Joy, included in this gift bundle has been a 35mm camera, video camera and a Computer, Monitor and keyboard so I may continue to do my film making and enjoy making crafts.”