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by Michelle W Bernhard on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 10:34pm ·

Mother’s Day is to celebrate the dear women who bore us

Who raised us and who kissed our hurts

and bedtime stories told us.

Yet there are some, like me… or you?

That no flowers will cheer

Because no children will be there

to bring flowers, this year…

The ones of us who never knew

the joy of having children,

some sad and lonely twist of Fate

made bearing them forbidden.

There are others who’re now alone

from some cruel destiny’s decision

that took the children from their home

leaving the moms grief-stricken.

And finally there are the ones

whose lives too long led them to wait

until too many years had passed

and then it was – too late.

So it’s for us I write these lines

I’ll celebrate us on this Day

In another Dream, another Time

we might have gone another way.

But we still have to carry on

And hold this Truth – no Other

Inside of every woman’s heart

there’ll always be

a Mother…

Happy Mother’s day to you all… love you

~Michelle Bernhard