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Here’s to all the Moms out there…

  •     …the Moms who, this day, will be celebrated with love and flowers and crayoned, glitter-sprinkled hearts glued onto school paper, displayed on the fridge and worth far more than any Master’s painting long after Mother’s Day.
  •     The future Moms expecting a baby now, or trying to, or fighting to adopt; they will be Moms and hope grows stronger every Mother’s Day.
  •     The spirit Moms who look on from another place as their families bring flowers and prayers and nostalgic tears that fall onto graven granite and dry and float away on prayer flags in the wind that blows on Mother’s Day.
  •     The hospital Moms sitting in rooms of white and steel whispering prayers for strength and miracles as they watch their children struggle to get well and live, or wait to die, maybe on Mother’s Day.
  •     The single Moms worrying about what their kids do after school while their mothers are out searching for a job or earning a limited paycheck in a double-paycheck economy, and being dads as well, even on Mother’s Day.
  •     The step-in Moms who open their hearts and homes to kids not theirs but who need the shelter of loving wings all the same, and a reason for Mother’s Day.
  •     The nightengale Moms, who shed a “normal” 9-5 job to go out to where the world is cruel and bring food and healing and hope to kids who had none, and a hand to hold on Mother’s Day.
  •     The waiting Moms whose kids left home one day for school or to travel life’s road, and never came back and the phone never rings and the mailbox is empty and they’re still Moms, but it’s just another day on Mother’s Day.
  •     The Moms who wait no more, whose children, through some cruel twist of fate, went before and whose Mother’s Day is celebrated only in their hearts and photo album souvenirs, and they are Moms remembering Mother’s Days.
  •     The prison Moms behind bars or outside, whose children they can only watch grow up in photographs or only hug in guarded rooms, but they’re still Moms yet never know when it will be Mother’s Day.
  •     The childless Moms by fate or choice, who never heard their own baby coo mama or received a crayoned, glitter-sprinkled heart for putting on the fridge, and are reminded every Mother’s Day.

Here’s to all the Moms today – to all of them – who are, will be or were, or would have been.

© Michelle Warmath-Bernhard , May 12, 2013