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Thank you for your support!

We at FLMCC would like to show our gratitude to Kim Lawrence of Healing Smoke Gems and her customers for their strong support of our work. Through donations supplied by Healing Smoke Gems we have been able to help many families on the Native American reservations who otherwise would have had to wait a long time to get propane and utilities for heating and other daily needs.

Your support is greatly needed and very much appreciated in our mission to come to the assistance of those in need of emergency assistance with basic everyday needs.

Kim June 28 2016


This family with 4-year-old child is struggling to make ends meet and keep proper nutritious food on the table. Please consider helping in any way you can – sending a small box of foodstuffs such as applesauce, canned soups, tins of fruit and vegetables, tuna, dried soups and other preparations, etc. would help provide more varied and healthful meals. Those who use Amazon PRIME might consider a Pantry Box, and your purchases on Amazon can also contribute to our efforts via AMAZON SMILE!

You can also make a secure donation to our efforts to assist this family and others by clicking on the DONATE button on this page. For other ways to help, click here! Thank you so much for your help!

food rexanne mar 2016

WINTER SUPPLIES AND FOOD DRIVE: Thank you for your help!

FLMCC would like to thank Debbie Hirsch, Donna Page,  Kim Lawrence and Frank Riley for their efforts to get warm clothes and food out to South Dakota! Let’s keep up the momentum!Donna Mar 11

Debbie food 29.2.16 Kim and Frank Feb 29.16

URGENT: call for assistance in Pine Ridge

Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp received AN URGENT request for IMMEDIATE assistance for WINTER SUPPLIES: warm clothes, blankets, space heaters, non-perishable foodstuffs. We ask that all who can mail or ship even a few things directly to : Kevin Wilson, BIA Road 32, 15 miles west of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, 57770. Kevin will ensure distribution to the families in need.
PLEASE do your utmost, even if it’s only a little you can ship at a time. That little can go a long way. Join us here with this kindness and care for those who are less fortunate. God Bless!

1assistance rez jan 2016