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Food and clothing assistance needed

food supplies June 28 2016

A few weeks ago, Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp assisted a grandmother in South Dakota, Dollie Red Elk, with her utilities bill so that she could recover her service and be able to cook and have hot water again. Dollie contacted us this week to thank everyone again for this help and say that she had been able to make arrangements to help her keep the bill covered in the future, but that this had left her with very little for groceries until her next social security check arrives at the end of July. $200 in food stamps do not go far to meeting the nutritional needs of growing children; there is a food pantry where she can get some supplies this month, but with a 7-year old girl and two teen grandsons in her charge, she feared she would  not be able to meet the family’s grocery needs or the coming month. Your donations will allow us to provide a little assistance with groceries so that Dollie can make sure the children get nutritious meals every day until she gets back on her feet.

We have also had a request for assistance with clothing for a single father on the Pine Ridge Reservation who has four children aged 7 to 13. He and the children are currently homeless and any help you may be able to provide so that we can ship a few clothes to tide the family over would be much appreciated. If you have clothing you think might be suitable, please feel free to leave a message on our Facebook Page.

You can make a secure, tax-deductible donation on our Home Page (PayPal buttons at the top and bottom of the page) or by clicking on the “Donate Now” button at the top of our Facebook Page. Or if you prefer you can mail a check to the address in the image at the top of this page. And if you shop on Amazon, please consider making Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp your preferred charity through Amazon Smiles!

Thank you all so much for your help! It is so very appreciated!



We need your support!

WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. TEAM EFFORT AND DONATIONS ARE THE KEY INGREDIENTS TO OUR EFFORTS. Everyday we get requests for assistance & too often we have to turn down some and prioritize help which sometimes seem unfair. Please join us to get this done right.

heat drive 16

Assistance for Elders is part of our Mission

We at Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp continue to do whatever little we can for the elders who are in dire need through the long harsh winter and at other times of the year. Your donations have allowed us to help this elder with her utilities. Thank you all for you kind support and remember, your continuous support is always important and can be a lifesaver at times.

update 1 Jun 16

2016 Heating and Utilities Fund Drive

Please join us in our annual drive to collect funds to assist families whenever we can with utilities and other urgent needs throughout the coming months and for next winter. Even in summer A/C, propane or gas for cooking etc. are necessary.

You can make a secure donation by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top or bottom of this page.

To donate by check:
To the order of: “Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp”
Mailing address: 11045 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33168

We would again like to sincerely thank everyone who supported our efforts to provide food and clothing to South Dakota during our Winter Clothing and Food drive. Your donations and your personal shipments are highly appreciated and allowed several hundred pounds of goods to be supplied. God bless you all for your kindness.

We at Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp continue to do whatever little we can for the elders who are in dire need through the long harsh winter and indeed throughout the year. Thank you all for you kind support and remember, your continuous support is always important and can be a lifesaver at times.

heat drive 16




Please join us at FREDDY & LITTLE MASSI CALLING CORP in our efforts to provide much-needed winter clothing, small space heaters, blankets and foodstuffs to families on the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation in South Dakota.
If you can contribute to this effort, please find below the addresses to send to for distribution.
To contribute to our heating and shipping funds so that we can send goods collected to families in need, please see our home page or “get involved” page for how you can help.

1assistance rez jan 2016


Kim feb 12Deborah

More Donations Sent to the Rez… THANK YOU ALL

A Special thanks to all who have contributed towards making possible the shipping of these four boxes to where they are needed . We really do have a beautiful family circle working this together. 
From Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp (a 501c Non-Profit Organization) & ” THE PEOPLE” , a great big long lasting thank you to all.

April 10 14

To find out how you can join us in our efforts to assist families with elders and children, please visit our DONATIONS page or our CURRENT PROJECTS page. Thank you.


We welcome our most recent family member to our circle , Lori Drake who has now become a part of our growing force of assistance to impoverished families. Thanks to the dedication of Kim Lawrence & Smoke Signal Gems for this introduction and we at Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp (a 501c Non-Profit Organization) WELCOME LORI TO THE FAMILY!


Camille Droman has continuously been showering her kindness to keep someone warm or fed somewhere, and we help her do this as best as we can. 
From Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp (a 501c Non-Profit Organization) & ‘THE PEOPLE” we say to Camille, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHO YOU ARE … 

camille 1432014

We welcome you to join our family in fighting the ill effects of porverty on families with children and elders. To find out more how you can help, please visit our “DONATIONS” page.

Our latest donors – thank you so much!

Even in his silence , he never forgets that there are those who will be needing assistance, and he always remembers that through our family circle is a sure way of getting this assistance to them.
FROM Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp (a 501c Non-Profit Organization) & “THE PEOPLE” , YOUR KINDNESS IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED AND YOUR WARMTH IS ALWAYS FELT…

The flow of assistance through Kim Lawrence & Smoke Signal Gems have become steady & deeply appreciated. A BIG THANK YOU TO Kim, Trudy Kelly, Lyla Thiernet and Vicki Osburn FOR YOUR KIND CONTRIBUTION, GIVING MUCH HOPE TO THOSE WHO ARE AWAITING RELIEF.
From Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp (a 501c Non-Profit Organization) & ‘THE PEOPLE’, Thank you all and many Blessings for your consistent kindness .

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If you would like to donate to our shipping and propane fund, or if you have gently used clothing and baby needs, please visit our “DONATIONS” page for further information on how you can help. Credit card donations may be made using the secure “Donations” button on this page. Thank you for your generosity!