Donate your unused gift cards

Do you have unused gift cards, or cards that have a few dollars left on them? You can donate them via!
Millions of Americans aren’t playing their cards right.
In fact, we’ve left more than $44 billion on the table, in the form of unused gift cards, and an additional $2 billion every year.
“People are letting cash slip away that they could be using FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

40% of gift card recipients do not use the total value of the card.
American households have an average of $300 in unused gift cards.
Turn your event into the most stupendous party ever!
Donate unused gift cards and residual balances – 100s of popular stores and restaurants.

Great idea for fund-raising teams, business offices, birthday, holiday, sports event get-togethers
Collect Cards in a basket: Everyone brings any unwanted or partially used merchant gift cards with them, to give to charity.
Add a charitable dimension to your party …guests will love the experience.
Better than any party favor.
Donate Your Card
Donate unused gift cards online. You can now exchange your unused or partially used gift cards to benefit lists 100s of popular merchants and restaurants.
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Let’s Card Party
Learn more about asking guests to bring cards …