After years of personally providing assistance to impoverished families and children, David A. Seurattan founded FREDDY & LITTLE MASSI CALLING CORP (FLMCC) in January 2012 to establish a structured and official framework that would permit a greater number of needy families to be helped in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

It is difficult to truly qualify any of our activities as “projects” as FLMCC is a very small charity, just five years old, and is structured as per the available volunteer time of the necessary qualified people. Most of our activities involve responding to immediate and urgent needs for clothing and heating, as well as occasional assistance with rent, foodstuffs, household items, and other needs, for individual applicants and their families. This is in line with the Articles of Incorporation, paragraph 3. Special focus is placed on providing a great amount of school supplies and educational materials for needy children. All activities are carried out by David Seurattan with the assistance of a few volunteers. The majority of activities initially took place in the greater New York City area, and now takes place in the Orlando, FL area, with other assistance provided to families on the Native American reservations and, more exceptionally, in other parts of the United States and in Trinidad. FLMCC has also donated some clothing and other non-cash contributions to other churches assisting people in the Philippines or other regions of the world. All of this was exclusively funded via contributions from individuals, and no part of the contributions has ever been used for compensation for any of the officers or volunteers of the Corporation.

Three areas have been covered since our first year of activity:

–         Ongoing, yearlong and general response to immediate and urgent needs brought to our attention or otherwise requested from individuals, particularly families with children, in dire living and financial situations.  This also included Hurricane Sandy victims in October 2012. FLMCC has provided, from contributions made by donors in both money and in kind, clothing, household goods, foodstuffs, educational and cultural materials, as well as financial assistance with heating and rent payments. All of the donations come from individual contributors.

–         A specific drive in 2012 was made to obtain funds to provide clothing and medical supplies for 80 orphan boys in a monastery in India.

–         The third “project” was that of assisting with the evaluation of the sight of a near-blind Sioux boy from South Dakota. This examination took place in New York City with the help of a local businessman who arranged for the specialist to examine the child place free of charge. Travel expenses for the child and his parents were fully covered by contributions from individual donators and proceeds from a raffle. As it was found the child is eligible for a future retinal transplant, FLMCC will be following this case as it evolves.

Moving forward, FLMCC is continuing the ongoing assistance program begun in 2012 to provide emergency assistance to impoverished individuals/families in need as provided for in its Articles of Incorporation and by-laws.

Please see our “Financial Reports” page for our activities for other years.

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