Chairman’s Executive & Financial Report 2015

Chairman’s Executive & Financial Report

January 1 – December 31, 2015

  • 2015 Activities
  • 2015 Financial Report
  • 2016 Objectives
  • 2015 Statement of Accounts

Late 2015 saw the move of our headquarters to Miami, Florida and a lot of new activity. Our mission remains the same: to bring, as far as our means allow, necessary and urgent living assistance to financially-strapped families with children and to elders in need, in accordance with our mission as stated in our Articles of Incorporation. We remain strongly committed to assisting Native American families in South Dakota as much as possible, which was one of our initial reasons for founding FLMCC. Our reach may nevertheless also extend to other areas whenever assistance to children and elders may be required and as current finances permit.

Our support base continues to be comprised of long-time contributors from the Queens, NY area and from other parts of the country and also includes our supporters in Miami. We salute Smoke Signal Gems (now Healing Smoke Signal Gems) and their customers for their consistent contribution over the past two years, and also the greatly-appreciated participation of new individual donors. We want to take this opportunity to once more express our sincere gratitude to all of these extremely kind people who contribute financially to FLMCC’s activities from the goodness of their hearts.

We also wish to acknowledge and thank the people who donate their time and energy to crafting or supplying needed goods, sharing information, organizing, contacting, coordinating, preparing and shipping, among them our much-appreciated contacts on the reservations who bring urgent needs to our attention and who make sure the items shipped are distributed to the families who need them. Finally, we also want to express our gratitude to those who assisted by personally shipping out goods directly to the addresses on our contacts list or by making direct utilities contributions from their own funds. Without everyone’s combined efforts, it would have been impossible to help as many families as we did over the past year.

  1. 2015 Activities

As provided for in our Articles of Incorporation, the financial assistance provided by FLMCC in 2015 was for the greater part in the form of emergency payments for propane, electricity and other necessary utilities as well as, on a few occasions, urgent assistance with rent. $4151 was spent on emergency assistance for 29 families for utility bills and other basic living expenses. Our ongoing School Supplies Drive in collaboration with Michael’s Diner in Miami provided full school kits including good quality book bags to over 40 children from less-fortunate families in the North Miami, Florida community (representing a total expenditure of $689; additional school supplies were received as non-cash donations), and our October space heater drive allowed FLMCC to purchase heaters for 16 families, for a total spending of $1060.

Outside of the space heaters and school supplies, other non cash assistance totaled approximately 4500 lbs of goods shipped or otherwise distributed on-site for an equivalent Fair Market Value of $2173. Thirty individual families received direct non-cash assistance and numerous others were helped through the distribution of good used winter clothing and other donated items that were shipped to our contacts in South Dakota, while non-cash donations that were received in Miami were distributed to assist needy persons and families there.

The non-cash items that were distributed in 2015 came almost exclusively from goods donated in 2015; thus our stock awaiting distribution did not vary much from 2014 and in fact increased very slightly. It should also be remembered that some supporters also made personal shipments to South Dakota as well, which do not appear in the FLMCC accounts but which were greatly appreciated.

In 2015 we began an ongoing Blanket Drive intended to provide warm blankets and covers for the homeless. This Drive has not lived up to what we hoped for, having brought in only $50, which has not allowed us to take advantage of the reduced price offered by the seller for these blankets and thus to date we have unfortunately not been able to meet the objectives of this Blanket Drive.

  1. 2015 Financial Report

After a strong result in 2014, FLMCC‘s fourth year was financially much slower. In 2015, FLMCC’s income from donations (cash and in-kind) came to a total of $10,124. This represents a tremendous drop (-53%) with respect to the $21,198 in total contributions in 2014. Moreover, it is considerably less (- 44%) than the $17,813 in 2013 and is well below the $13,229 in contributions in our first year of 2012 (- 24.5%).

$7,389 of the 2015 income was in the form of individual monetary donations through PayPal or otherwise, which represents -28% in comparison to 2014 which saw $10,307 in individual donations. The greater part of these cash donations (80%) were contributed by our regular supporters and the rest resulted from the March 2015 fundraising event held by Michael’s Diner which netted $1,245, and from new supporters who contributed in particular to the specific heater drive in October ($1,450).

The balance of the income was in the form of non-cash donations of gently-used, and in many cases even brand new or hardly worn, winter coats, clothes, shoes, scarves and bonnets, household equipment, baby food and needs, toiletries, non-perishable foodstuffs, school supplies, etc. In 2015 FLMCC received considerably fewer non-cash donations, whose Fair Market Value amounted to $1,490 (-76% in comparison with 2014).

Due to the decline in non-cash donations, the related shipping and postage expenses decreased to $1,582, which sum includes the shipments of the space heaters. Transfer and other financial fees came to $213. Other expenses included $43 for office consumables (printer ink, paper, envelopes).

As of December 31 we had assets of $4,180 comprised of a cash carryover of $172 and a stock of goods awaiting distribution for an FMV of $3,967.

  1. 2016 Objectives

In 2016, we are continuing the School Supplies Drive in collaboration with Michael’s Diner and naturally our ongoing heating and shipping fund drive. We would also like to remind our supporters who make purchases from that they can contribute to FLMCC via Amazon Smiles, which offers a percentage of the customer purchase price to the charity of the customer’s choice. Information about Amazon Smiles is available on the Amazon website.

Although much of the assistance provided by FLMCC is indeed in winter, urgent situations arise throughout the year and we would like to be ready to assist whenever needed, as far as possible. We remind our supporters that FLMCC operates only thanks to the individual donations received and that all donations received are used in the furtherance of our mission. FLMCC’s directors receive no compensation whatsoever in order to be able to devote all contributions to assisting the People. We can only help as much as our finances allow. If donations are not forthcoming, then FLMCC is unable to assist; that is the bottom line. Conversely, the more donations we have, the more people we can help with propane and utilities or by shipping necessary goods. In some cases this may allow families to stay together under one roof and in dire winter circumstances or in the extreme heat of mid-summer, being able to procure propane or prevent electricity and A/C from being shut off, may even save lives. Your continuing support and contributions and spreading the word of our goals is invaluable to our cause. Thank you all.

Our focus will continue to be assistance to less fortunate elders and families with children, and we look forward to contributions picking up again in 2016 in order to be ready to help when help is needed.

David A. Seurattan
Chairman, FLMCC

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