To our DONORS.
Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, would like to make known, that in addition to all of our normal work of providing electricity, propane, shipping warm clothing and foodstuff to The People, we have also been able to assist a few families get housing and a couple instances, stay in their homes by helping with their rent.
It is very important that we are always accountable to those who have been putting their trust in us by continuously making contributions for these purposes, and its our responsibility to make known when and how we utilize your donations.
Thank you again for making these important tasks possible. Sincerely on behalf of Freddy Little Massi, David Anthony, Aim NY and The People, Thank you all for standing with us. God Bless!

Wambli TY 26 March 2015Judy 27 March 2015

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