Upcoming shipments of good used clothing and propane/heating drive

We have been receiving a lot of good used winter clothing for youth and adults, including a very large shipment just the other day. As the very cold weather is setting in we would like to be able to get as many warm coats and things as possible shipped to needy families on the Lakota and other reservations in the coming days. Moreover, we are expecting the first requests for heating assistance to arrive soon.

We appreciate any donation you can provide, no matter how small,  towards our shipping and heating funds, so that we can bring this much-needed assistance to children and elders as fast as possible, whenever possible. You can make a secure donation by clicking on our “donate” button here on this page.  Our “Donations” page also provides information on how you can help. Thank you so much for your support!

If you wish to send warm, gently-used clothing directly to the families on the reservations, this would be a tremendous help. Please find below the addresses of our trusted contact people on the various reservations who make sure all donations go where they are most needed. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Addresses 7_With_New_Cover