Where you can send your donations of clothes and toys

The calendar says it’s fall…and it feels like it. Thankful for Harvest Home… the colors as they brighten… the warm sweaters and tangy smell of first lit logs. As you are taking out those warm things for you and your family, if you have any you won’t be needing – those gently-used sweaters, coats, warm boots, and knitwear.. or that extra little space heater that’s taking up closet space…the still good blankets… the good-but-put-away toys that still need kids to play with them… well… you can find ways to give them usefulness again for those who will truly appreciate them… just go to Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp (a 501c Non-Profit Organization) or http://www.freddyandlittlemassicallingcorp.org to see how you can help, or you can simply mail them to any of the addresses on this post … thank you, and have a great day!

For more information about the CHRISTMAS TOY DRIVE, please contact David at 646 294 6623, Ms Minnie ( overtime) at 305 213 2932 or call the manager at the Diner, Jill at 305 759 8885 for directions to drop off at the diner.
If you would like to mail it, please mail to : MICHAELS DINER 11045 NW 7TH AVENUE, MIAMI FLORIDA 33168..