We at Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp are proud to stand with Native American artist Davidica Littlespottedhorse (Lakota) as she and her First Nations colleague Tracy Bone (Keeseekoowinin Ojibway) and members of their families get on the road to participate in the ALL MY RELATIONS TOUR 2014. After her first experience in 2013, Davidica is looking forward to sharing her music again this year alongside other native artists as they all bring to the public a diversity of musical styles from traditional hand drumming to rock, country and today’s popular genres. The ALL MY RELATIONS TOUR also allows visitors to lean more about today’s indigenous culture, in which Davidica and Tracy are active.

Davidica and Tracy will be performing at venues all along the West Coast, including the 5th annual Indigenous Legends and West Coast American Indian Music Awards in Hollywood on August 30th. They both hope that the tour will allow people to go beyond the stereotypes about indigenous music and discover that while they and the other artists are Native Americans, they are also, first of all, musicians: Davidica is a rocker and Tracy composes and sings country music. Both women hope that people will gain an understanding of the purpose that the musicians have in making their music and will feel as if they are sharing in their passion with them.

All of us at FLMCC wish Davidica and Tracy and their entourage a safe journey and a fantastic All My Relations Tour.

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