Financial Report 2013

Executive & Financial Report

January 1 – December 31, 2013

The second year of operations for FREDDY & LITTLE MASSI CALLING CORP was a very encouraging one in view of our goal to bring, as far as our means would allow, necessary and urgent living assistance to families with children and to elders in need, in the form of heating payments, warm clothing, baby care items, blankets and other necessary help. We want to take this opportunity to thank once again all of the extremely generous people from Queens, NY and the surrounding area, as well as the many supporters from a number of other places, who donated in whatever way they could. In this we also wish to include the people who donated their time for contacting, coordinating, preparing and shipping and, when the goods donations arrived, the contact people on the reservations who made sure the things were distributed to the families who needed them. Without everyone’s team efforts, we would not have been able to do what we were able to do.

Donations totaled $17,813, as compared to $13,229 in 2012; these figures were quite close to what we had expected for the second year. $6444 of this total was in individual (cash) contributions. Though this amount was a little lower than in 2012, that was also to be expected and it is still very encouraging as new individual donors are now coming forward to assist. We are hoping that this growth will be continuing on a stronger basis throughout 2014.

Like 2012, in 2013 a tremendous part of the contributions came from the non-cash donations of gently-used, and in many cases even brand new, winter coats and clothes, household equipment, baby food and needs, toiletries, non-perishable foodstuffs, school supplies and toys, etc. that were brought in for the most part by the people of Queens, NY and the surrounding area as well as provided from a few other places. These non-cash donations were estimated, at Fair Market Value for comparable thrift shop prices, to be at $11,369. A great part of this was redistributed to families in need in the greater NYC area and elsewhere, through pickups made by local churches and other assistance groups, while in the last quarter of the year (Oct.-Dec.) several very large shipments totaling over 2000 lbs of much-needed blankets, small space heaters, non-perishable foodstuffs, winter clothing, baby needs and toys were shipped via FedEx Ground to the Lakota reservations in South Dakota (Rosebud, Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge), the Navajo reservation in New Mexico, and the Indian Child Welfare Program in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. There they were distributed by
reliable contact persons in the various locations. At the end of the year there was practically nothing left in stock.

We were also active in other forms of assistance. Except for the cash amounts used for administration fees, shipping and small expenses (see below), almost three-fourths of the cash donations was used to pay for electricity or propane for heating and other urgent living expenses, with payment made directly to the relevant agencies; this covered 14 families. One family was assisted with the purchase of special needs equipment; and the rest was used to assist with the immediate purchase of food and other urgent needs for families with children (5 cases).

Expenses included administrative fees ($850) corresponding to registration fees with NYS and IRS, shipping fees ($750), and the purchase of miscellaneous materials for thank you gifts ($65).

For the future, we already have had a good start to 2014, but it will be necessary to further maintain the level of and encourage new individual contributions and if at all possible, obtain grants or corporate sponsorship to help fund our operating costs (in particular shipping costs which weigh considerably on the budget) and maintain our current activities or take on new projects as the need arises. Though a lot of the assistance we provide is indeed in winter, urgent situations arise all throughout the year and we would like to be ready to assist whenever needed. Our primary activities will continue to be assistance to individuals and families with children, and we hope that as we continue to grow, we will be able to set up and / or implement new ideas for projects that can be carried out as our means allow, so that our assistance efforts may be further expanded.

Executive and Financial Report (PDF file)