Thank you to Smoke Signal Gems and welcome to Merry Bauman, Lyla Thiemet and Bruce Thompson!

David Anthony :
Our family members keep growing, and it is vitally important that this process stays on line because of the urgency of assistance constantly needed. Smoke Signal Gems & Kim Lawrence have been persistent together with Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp and the rest of us, to do all that it takes to keep expanding the horizons to bring relief to the impoverished, and now has introduced into our circle, Lyla M Thiemet, Bruce Thompson and Merry Bauman.
From Freddy &  Little Massi Calling corp, Smoke Signal Gems, all in our family circle, & ‘THE PEOPLE’ , we say to Lyla M Thiemet- Bruce Thompson and Merry Bauman… THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH & WELCOME TO A WORLD LIKE NONE OTHER


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