Recently we got some more help with our propane and shipping funds. We want to thank everyone who has been chipping in for this and hope we can get the 1200 pounds of goods moved soon!

Even when we think it is quiet and no one is seeing, there is always someone who does. THANK YOU Sharon Smith FOR LOOKING OUT FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED.
You are a blessed soul and heart.
On behalf of Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp & ‘THE PEOPLE” , THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPASSION

Sharon 1


Once again we thank Kim Lawrence and her team of ladies at Smoke Signals Gems for their consistent support and encouragement in our efforts to assist those in need. Bless you all for your kind hearts and your work in making this world brighter for many!

kim 1


If we can continue to build & grow at least ONE MORE OF US to our CHAIN OF SUPPORT like we are doing now with the this unending effort from Kim Lawrence & Smoke Signal Gems , then we will have more like Lyla M Thieme, who just joined in to assist with our purpose ..
From Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp , Smoke Signal Gems & ‘THE PEOPLE” , WE SAY, THANK YOU Lyla M Thieme & WELCOME ABOARD …