Helping yet again to keep the People warm…

by David Anthony:
To all who have been making ultimate sacrifices to ensure the propane gets to families who are in need, here is a little reward to your efforts.
From Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp & “THE PEOPLE” , thank you all for you support and a special thanks to Michelle L Warmath for all her hard work towards this project!

propane 2.12.2014

We are still collecting funds to be able to ensure emergency supplies of propane, and to ship out goods already collected to our teams on the reservations in South Dakota and in New Mexico. Please  visit our DONATIONS page to find out how you can contribute.  If you have gently-treated winter clothing, boots, blankets, baby clothing and other needs or can supply baby foods, below is a list of addresses to which you can send things directly, and where they will be sure to get to people who will appreciate them. Thank you for your help! 

Addresses 7_With_New_Cover