Thank you for helping us carry on with our work!

Today we have been blessed to receive donations that have provided some funds to allow us to proceed with our work. From Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp , the other supporters, David & ” THE PEOPLE” , Thank you & God Bless!

  • One of David’s good friends, Sheldon Munesar, made a contribution which allowed us to make the first shipment of baby & children’s warm clothing and some foodstuffs to Diane Garreau at the Indian Child Welfare Program in Cheyenne River, SD. We extend a special thank you, Sheldon , for standing with our efforts in preserving the future of mankind. Children are the future generation.
  • Again, Kim Lawrence & Smoke Signal Gems have illustrated consistence in doing this godly duty in our propane drive to keep elders and families with small children alive through the deadly winters on the reservations. Thank you so very much, Kim and all the ladies and gentemen from Smoke Signal Gems…  Please visit their page (link on the list on the right side of the HOME page).
  • Sharon Smith has also made a contribution towards bringing propane to the those who are in dire need of heat , and we are very happy & very grateful .Thank you so much, Sharon!
  • When good people recognize that the importance of our situation and lives depends upon our quick response, we can only act based upon actions such as that of Camille Dromann and others like her. Thank you, Camille, for helping us ensure that families have the heating to keep warm.

To see how you can help: please visit our “DONATIONS” page. 

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