Please donate a “Share”

Another Polar Vortex and many regions of the US will again be experiencing winter snow and cold. For those who are preparing warm clothing etc. to send out, here are the addresses… Thank you all … Please say a prayer! 

For more information on how you can help, please click here. Or if you want to contribute a few dollars to help with shipping blankets already collected or with providing heating propane please see this page or use our “Donations” button on the top right side of our home page. Thank you!

If you don’t know what you can donate, Please donate a SHARE! It can be a reblog, it can be tweets, you can put it on your Facebook page if you have one… Because this is  EXACTLY about what CARING  the way you do is all about. Please don’t ever feel  if that you can’t donate, you can’t do anything, because your simple act of sharing will allow others to see the information. And if someone you know, or another person, sees your post, and sends something, be it a simple blanket or a pair of mittens… not only will they have addresses they can use, but you, yes, YOU,  will have “sent” those things too … because you shared! So sharing is like helping to send things and you can be proud you did share! 

Addresses 6 with new cover