Aunt Babe speaks out for Propane

The elderly aunt of a friend and supporter, Danise Cortes, better known to all her family and friends as “Aunt Babe”, firmly spoke her mind about the difficulties of getting propane on the Reservation in winter although temperatures reaching some 30 and 40 below zero. Aunt Babe passed a few months later, but her words are still as compelling and dignified as that cold day on which they were recorded. As David puts it so well : “SHE WAS THE FUEL TO OUR WORK AND STILL IS … SHE HUMBLED US INTO GETTING OUR EFFORTS TOWARDS ALL THE PEOPLE… SHE WILL FOREVER LIVE ON WITHIN US & Freddy Little Massi Calling Corp EACH MOMENT SPENT INTO OUR WORK”

We miss you, Aunt Babe, and we are continuing to do that work you always encouraged us to do – and still do in our hearts and minds. 

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