We are now campaigning strongly for funding to support our efforts to obtain used but still entirely livable house trailers that can serve as relief shelters through the extremely cold months,  and pellet stoves or propane to provide heat for the homeless and severely impoverished families on the Lakota reservations in South Dakota.

The living conditions on these reservations are by far the most difficult ones known today in the industrialized countries. With unemployment at a staggering 70+% on the Northern Great Plains reservations ( and recent severe cutbacks in tribal funding, elderly tribal members and families with children simply cannot ensure adequate housing or heating in the winter. Climatic conditions are extreme, with severe blizzards and temperatures that, with the wind chill factor, can plummet to as low as – 60°F.  To this climatic hardship is added housing that has been chronically sub-standard for decades, and recent wildfires on several reservations have compounded the problem by leaving more families completely homeless with very few places to go other than to crowd in with relatives.

Propane is the most widely-used form of heating on the reservations, but is quickly used up and its prohibitive costs and long delays in delivery mean that families may wait for days or even weeks without being able to refill their tanks. Death by freezing is frequent as families soon run out of alternatives, and children, elders, the disabled and the chronically ill are most at risk. House fires kill more as families try every solution, including burning rags in inadequate stoves, while death from CO2 poisoning is a very real possibility as families huddle in their cars with engines running in an attempt to keep warm. Due to the severity of the current economic situation, tribal governments are unable to assist, and federal funding is insufficient. 

An economical alternative to propane is to supply as many families as possible with biomass pellet stoves. For far less than the cost of refilling a 100-gallon tank several times a year, pellet stoves would provide excellent, low-cost heating – and thus allow the families to allot more of what little income they may receive to necessities such as proper nutrition and warm clothing for the children. Not only would their lives be greatly improved – lives would be saved.

We are asking you to support our project in any way you can. Please get the word out. We and the families concerned would be grateful if you could help us either by contributing towards the expense  of hauling the trailer homes (fuel, permits) and the purchase of stoves and/or propane, or if you prefer, indicating where we might obtain stoves that we can send to families. Please also see our “donations” page for further information on how you can help. Your donations are tax deductible in the United States. All donations go entirely to funding this project.

By helping us to assist these families during the long winter ahead, you will have ensured a better future for them and their children. Thank you in advance on their behalf.



To pay by check: Make check payable to:  Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp

Mail to: 92 82 Springfield Blvd , Queens Village, NY 11428

Sincere and humble thanks… ♥



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