by Michelle W Bernhard on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 2:10pm ·

Dirty corner, busy street,
Dust around her dirty feet,
tears filling her hungry face,
broken life, all out-of-place.
Battered tin can in her hand,
filled with only hope, and sand
and unsaid pleas for … just a dime.
Hunger stops the heart, in time.
Blazing sun upon her head
burns pitiful words not said.
Passers-by pay not a heed
to this child’s thirst, to this soul’s need.
Eyes that burn and tongue that’s dry,
sad face turned to blazing sky…
Rising to her hurting feet
she looks for shade on burning street.
Empty can with not a dime.
Despair will kill a heart, in time.
In the shadow now she sits, 
quiet, unwanted, nowhere fits…
through her mind the pictures roll
of mother’s love when love could show.
Laughing memories in her head.
Evening comes… they find her dead.
For want of just a simple dime
we mourn a child, for all of Time.
Please help us to keep this from happening… for the love of the children.
PAYPAL DONATIONS:  freddyandlittlemassicallingcorp@yahoo.com
To pay by check: Make check payable to:  Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp
Mail to: 92 82 Springfield Blvd , Queens Village, NY 11428 

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