by Michelle W Bernhard on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 11:33pm ·
republished Jan 11,2013

Hmph. A dollar doesn’t get ya much any more…

Let’s just look at a few approximate prices  (source:  http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=United+States updated JUNE 2012)

  • A bottle of soda pop (so, I was raised in the South and that’s what my gramma called it) – $1.50 (in a bar or restaurant)
  • Domestic beer, supermarket: $2.35
  • pack of cigarettes: $6.50
  • combo meal in well known frestaurant: $6.00
  • chewing gum, 18 sticks : $1.25 (source BEST CANDY STORE)

Now you may be wondering why I chose these particular items (and those of you who know me well will be smiling because you know why…)

If any of the above items concerns you, and you did one less PER WEEK of it, you would save, per year…

  • less one soda pop (stop laughing, please):  $78.00 SAVED
  • less one beer: $122.20 SAVED
  • less one pack of cigarettes : $ 338.00 SAVED
  • less one combo meal: $312.00 SAVED
  • less one pack of chewing gum : $65.00 SAVED

And of course if you combine more than one of the above the savings is combined too. Now that could add up to quite a lot.

Not to mention that it wouldn’t hurt you to do less of anything that is not essentially good for your health… jus sayin’.

You could do a lot with that extra money, I bet.

And you would also have that $1.00 we at FREDDY AND LITTLE MASSI CALLING CORP have been asking for to help finance projects to help people who don’t even have enough to be able to do less of the above, because they don’t have the money to spend on the above in the first place. They are trying to survive, never mind get a pack of chewing gum.

See? I didn’t ask you to give everything you would save. I’m just asking you for a lousy buck. Because every buck adds up. And there are a hell of a lot of you out there on FB.

What would we do with it?

– ship clothes, foodstuffs, educational materials to needy families so they can stretch what little they have a longer way – or even live a more decent existence. But to do that we have to post the boxes and that can run up a pretty impressive postal bill. We have some donated goods from kind and generous folks who take the time to send them or drop them off. We just need to have the funds to get them on their way to wherever they are needed.

– Sponsor the orphaned children in a monastery in INDIA (SIKKIM PROJECT). For one child $60 a month will provide foodstuffs, clothing and medical supplies. There are 35 kids who need help right now…and another monastery to build to serve 80 other needy families.

– Sponsor needy school children in the Caribbean and elsewhere with foodstuffs, clothing and educational materials

– Promote and organize inter-cultural awareness activities

– Have funds available to help out when an emergency situation is brought to our attention. Winter is only a few months away…

We’re not certainly not taking one penny for ourselves. In fact we have put in our share to keep things going and we still do.

So if you were to consume less of the items I listed at the beginning of this note – well one dollar is a fortune to those who have nothing.

Think about it.

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PAYPAL DONATIONS:  freddyandlittlemassicallingcorp@yahoo.com (see “donate” button on this page)

 To pay by check: Make check payable to:  Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp

 Mail to: 92 82 Springfield Blvd , Queens Village, NY 11428   

Thank you to all our generous donators and supporters… 🙂