Each of us is one person … but when we join together we are a force that can overcome mountains. 

We lift each other up. In joy and in despair, we are there for each other. No pain is too great that a gentle touch on the hand will not ease it; no smile so quiet that each of us does not benefit from its warmth. 

And in the power of that love we can scale the highest of summits. Together.

As we go we can lift up others, who may have fallen by the way and been left for nothing and say:

Come with us. You are Family. 

Through our home, the lonely elder with no one to talk to, the child with no warm clothes and no chance for a decent education, the homeless man desperate to feed his family and the forgotten dying lady, can find hope and kindness…

Join us…

Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp…


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