Stepping up to the plate

By Michelle Bernhard

Before we go on with this post, please view the short video from this link:


Now then. What we see here is not in Mexico or another “underdeveloped” country; it is in the United States of America.

Not in the 1930’s. TODAY.

These are United States citizens. And they are not alone in their struggles. Today’s economy has brought many of the former “middle class” to their knees in terms of standard of living, and the “lower middle class” is struggling desperately to get by. The poor? they are disappearing silently in to the realm of the forgotten, doomed to try to survive in conditions no one should ever have to live in.

Deep South. Appalachia. Indian reservations. Mississippi Delta. McAllan, TX, San Bernadino, CA, Reading, PA, Camden, NJ, Flint, MI. And so many others. From inner cities to lonely backwaters, extreme poverty is the plague of today’s social structure. Its consequences? Undernourishment if not outright starvation, disease, lack of educational opportunity, lack of adequate shelter, lack of clean water, discrimination, hate crime, violence, drugs, alcohol… and pure unadulterated hopelessness. An environment that is unhealthy if not totally poisoned by industrial waste from companies that set up nearby because “nobody will mind if we produce here”… and nobody does  because very few see the rampant cancer, the deformities, the despair brought about by uncontrolled factory and mining spillage.

How to help? Very simple – JUST STEP UP TO THE PLATE in any way you can. Help can be in the form of financial donations or it can be clothes, household goods, time, a pair of willing hands, a pair of reading glasses, a word of compassion, a letter to a newspaper or Congressman or state or local administration. Simply talking about these issues helps because it makes other people aware of them, and among those others may be some who can bring their assistance.

You would not want to live like those who live in such poverty. And maybe some of you who are reading this already do, and can tell us your story in the comments…

We at Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp are stepping up to the plate, whenever and however we can.

Please join us. Thank you for all you do.