by David Anthony on Friday, January 13, 2012 at 6:49pm

Thank you for all the assistance that you have offered on my project .

The following is a briefing on what my present work involves and the importance of all that I am trying to accomplish for the Rosebud /Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River areas! These three areas account for only a small part of the reservation and consist of approximately 130,000 residents!

These parts of SD are amongst the poorest of reservations in the US and it’s where most of my very close friends live. Despite of the poverty level, the winter months are responsible for many deaths as a result of the insane drop in temperature. It can drop to 60 below zero and as a result of the inadequate resources to buy propane for heating and a lack of warm clothing, many residents freeze to death , largely small children and the elderly. As of this week we have lost already two of them. One was frozen to death and the other was burnt to death when his trailer home caught fire due to heating with a wood stove!

There is an immediate and urgent need for food , warm clothing , heat , housing and education which are the basic necessities for the survival of any human being and NO ONE should be deprived of any of these items in the United Sates Of America!

I have been doing a drive through my store at 180 12 Hillside Avenue , Jamaica, Queens NY , through which I have already collected a 20 foot truck load of items which includes warm clothing , school supplies and other educational materials, toys , foodstuff , nails, screws, ply wood, silicone, plastics to seal of windows, roofing materials, beds, televisions, chairs, and almost anything that can possibly be used to enhance the present living condition on the reservation. These items have already been shipped out to the reservation and paid for by myself!

If you should have any items in your possession that you may not need and fits the description of the items that I am collecting , or know of anyone who may have , PLEASE REFER THEM TO ME OR IF POSSIBLE HAVE THEM BRING THEM TO THE STORE. This will be greatly appreciated! At this point, it is the most immediate and the most possible thing that I can do, in addition to sending small amounts of money to critical situations!

I have attached 2 links from you tube to this note showing some of the houses on the reservation and the cold conditions under which the residents exist !!!! The singer is my main volunteer and my brother who does most of the work for the people on the reservation and who also does fund-raiser to help the cause and who also lives amongst the people !

I thank you very much for taking the time to hear my urgent call in this most critical matter