by Michelle W Bernhard, with David Anthony on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 12:36am ·
The simplest needs of all people are shelter from the dangerous elements of nature, clothing, food, clean water, and a little caring. In those regions where winters are brutal, it is totally necessary to have heat to stay alive. And yet, in today’s modern society, the struggle to obtain these basic necessities has become even more difficult.
With so many living in luxury, there are millions who cannot put food on their tables or afford a place to live and consequently are homeless and exposed to the deadly conditions of Mother Nature.
Children and elders are the ones who perish. Their deaths at times come as a result of freezing due to the extreme cold. This should not be so.
As fellow human beings, we should never look away and do nothing. It is our responsibility and moral duty to come together, step forward and make every possible effort to assist in any way we can to change what is in front of us and make better the lives of these less fortunate people.
Please show that little caring and love that is to be found in all our hearts and join in with us at Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp to do whatever it takes to help relieve some of this hardship and poverty that lies before us. Your support will definitely make a difference in providing these vital basic necessities that are desperately needed.
Thank you for your kind support. Thank you for giving and, more importantly, thank you for being part of this challenge with us by sharing this information and inviting all of your friends and family to become a part of this lifesaving project with us.