by Michelle W Bernhard on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 5:59pm

If it were your child you’d want everything possible for him or her to grow, to learn, to achieve, to find his or her way in the world, and to love.
If it were your grandparent, you’d want to see him or her happy, safe and cared for so that old age will be a gentle joy, and not a hardship.
So look around you, AROUND you, in your hometown, in your country… because there are people… kids, elders, men and women struggling, not just struggling – FIGHTING- to give their families a decent life, to overcome the suffering of old age in a dignified manner, to simply STAY ALIVE and get the basic needs they must have to ensure themselves and their families a life, a LIFE like the one we who are more fortunate have, without thinking about it… no matter how easy or hard it may seem for US.
BE AWARE that RIGHT IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, there are families, including single mothers, who don’t know how they will keep their children warm and fed until the end of winter. So… yeah, maybe winter this year is mild, maybe the big storms didn’t come, by the grace of Nature, maybe the need for heating fuel is less… OR SO YOU MAY THINK.
Maybe that moldy, rotting, old clapboard house they live in will hold together for a little while longer, never mind if the mold causes severe respiratory problems that can lead to DEATH; never mind if the insulation is so poor that illness and the risk of DEATH from exposure are constant.
Maybe that child will be bright enough to make it through school without help, maybe something will provide the scolarship money that can send him or her to university so he or she can get the knowledge that can lead to success and come home to help his or her People…
Maybe the patched clothes and the cheap food will be enough for a while longer… maybe.
Maybe “someone” will step up to the plate and give, even a little, even a piece of clothing, a dollar here or there… and yes this all adds up…
And it never stops. Never. Global economy HAS MADE A SOCIAL CLASS OUT OF STARK POVERTY; the “have nots” now… HAVE NOTHING.
Maybe there will be miracles…
But the best miracles are the ones we create ourselves. Prayers and good wishes ease the soul of the ones who receive them, but they do not a home or a community center or a medical clinic build. Compassion eases the heart, but does not clothe or feed or school a child or keep an elder warm and give them the medical treatment they need.
Please hold out a helping hand with us so that the poor may have their basic needs met, and be better able to take their lives into their own hands. Any contribution, no matter how small, is welcome – even if it is just passing the word to others.
If it were your child… your grandmother… your brother… your sister…

Thank you.